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  • Create to Earn

    Create to Earn

    Create content and engage on the platform to earn income. SocialFi is where the platform shares revenue with users.

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  • Connect through NFTs

    Connect through NFTs

    Connect with your fans on Web 3.0. Mint memberpass NFTs for sale and post exclusive content to your members.

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  • Find your Superfan

    Find your Superfan

    Each creator has 1 superfan NFT for sale, the holder will display as the creator’s superfan and earn as the creator earns.

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  • NFT Launchpad

    NFT Launchpad

    NFT launchpad for creators and other projects, get featured and put a spotlight on your collection for more exposure.

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Only1 DAO
The future of social is web3, and a centerpiece to this vision is a decentralized governance protocol where artists and fans can collectively participate in decision making about platform development, content moderation, and reward mechanics.


Democratizing social networks


Stake to participate in the DAO & earn a share of platform fees in LIKE

Creators are rewarded for content creation across platforms

Use LIKE for discount on marketplace and social features

Monthly buyback with 50% of platform revenue

LIKE Tokenomics


KuCoin Learn & Earn, Know More About the Largest Web 3.0 Social Network on Solana, $8,000 in LIKE To giveaway!
KuCoin Learn & Earn, Know More About the Largest Web 3.0 Social Network on Solana, $8,000 in LIKE To giveaway!

30 Jun 2022

Three Truths About NFTs That No One Wants to Admit
Three Truths About NFTs That No One Wants to Admit

27 Jun 2022

[Report] The Future of Fandom: Give and Take with NFTs
[Report] The Future of Fandom: Give and Take with NFTs

26 Apr 2022

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The Only1 team went to the first Solana Conference - Breakpoint in Lisbon November 2021. It was a pivotal event in Only1's history when it was made obvious to the team that the Solana blockchain is the keystone technology on which the future of web 3.0 social is built. When Only1 completed its fund raise led by Alameda Research around July 2021, the project was 1 of the first 100 in the Solana ecosystem, and the first project aiming to disrupt the social network space.

At the Breakpoint conference, our founder Leon spoke to the audience about how the combination of NFTs and DeFi on Solana may be the innovation needed to create the new creator economy on web 3.0. In the centralized social networks, advertisers pay the platform for the value users create. In a decentralized social network, creators are rewarded fairly where the users gets paid for the value they create. Decentralized content moderation and control over personal data are two other key factors which would be the next steps after building the foundations.

Building a web 3.0 social network is not a small endeavor. The foundations of Only1 features the creator staking pools that allow users to stake LIKE to earn APY that correlates with the creator's social media activities, the creator also earns a small % of their TVL where the reward token comes from the platform revenue. Users can connect to the platform using different browser wallets and set up their own user profiles. Superfan NFTs can be traded on the marketplace while creators can launch their NFTs through Initial NFT Offering on the NFT launchpad. This Lisbon development stage represents the beginning of the creator economy on web 3.0, enabling the adoption by creators, brands, and users alike to monetize and social in a decentralized manner.

Alpha Product  LIKE spl-token mainnet
Beta Launch  Creator staking pool beta, wallet integrations, user profiles
The Ones NFT  The Ones NFT sale, holder OG status, and The Ones DAO Beta on
Web 3.0 Creator economy  NFT launchpad, messenger, superfan NFT and NFT marketplace
Public Launch  Creator sign up open to public. Target completion before May 2022.

Meet the Team

Leon Lee

Leon Lee

Founder and CEO

Dan Lilienblum

Dan Lilienblum


Joey Cheng

Joey Cheng







Blockchain Engineer

Daniel Sheftelevich

Daniel Sheftelevich

Frontend Engineer

Oscar Bailey

Oscar Bailey

Core Engineer

Luc Duijn

Luc Duijn

Community Manager

Damir Cengic

Damir Cengic

Design Lead

Woody Yu

Woody Yu

UX/UI Designer

Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong

Tokenomics Analyst


Giants whose shoulders we stand on

Alameda Research
GBV Capital
Animoca Brands
Rok Capital
Duck DAO Incubator
NGC ventures
Kyros Ventures Labs
Liquefy Labs
Petrock Capital
Satori Research